Spotlight Posters

Spotlight: Portland State Student Productions is a student-run organization at Portland State University whose mission is to produce entertainment for students by students.

The group works with film, theater, and other time art productions. They are a wonderful group, and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with them!

Spotlight Posters: Film Competition

This poster is for the group’s first annual film competition. I wanted to immediately evoke the notion of “film” in a casual glance, but avoid overused symbols like cameras and filmstrips.

Spotlight Posters: GLEE Party

This poster is for the group’s 100th episode party for GLEE. The group already had a poster, but was in need of a redesign. My redesign kept the group shot and rainbow imagery while improving on the element integration.

Spotlight Posters: Group Advertisement

This poster is for the group itself. Their Facebook page uses green as an accent, so I used that here. My goal was to keep the design simple, yet interesting; minimal, yet flavorful.

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