My name is Sierra Randolph, and thank you very much for checking out my art, design, and various-creative-ventures portfolio!

I am an alumnus of Portland State University, with a Bachelor of Science in University Honors and Art Practices. I have been designing, drawing, and programming since I was eight years old. For more of my credentials, please visit my LinkedIn profile or click here to download my résumé.

On to the good stuff…what can I do or provide for you?

✓ General graphic design

✓ Website design and programming

✓ Illustration

✓ Book layouts

✓ Website hosting

✓ Animation

✓ Audio and video

✗ Business building from the ground up

✗ Free work

• I can’t do professional printing in-house, but I will gladly take care of your print order for you and be a bridge between you and the printer.

Here are some of my testimonials!

I find Sierra Randolph to be an extremely gifted and talented graphic designer. She has done all of my ads for the website, all the print ads for the local newspaper (the Herald and News), the Klamath Falls Nickel, and the advertising that I did in the Henley High School newspaper, the Hornets’ Buzz.

She has also done all of my business cards and helped to create and send out our semi-annual newsletters that promoted our business and website; I am constantly amazed at the vision that she has in creating all of the above work. Very rarely did I ever have to ask her to redo anything; with very minor little tweaks, she always knew exactly what I wanted and was able to give it to me. Her computer knowledge alone has always astounded me, but her ideas for the graphics that she always came up with were absolutely terrific.

I would categorically recommend Sierra for any type of work that anyone might want in her chosen field. She is hands down the best I’ve seen in her career. Don’t let her age fool you—she’s been doing this for some time now and she knows what she is doing!

Sherrie Wright, Schnibbity Gifts

Sierra was my successor to both Vice President of Internal Affairs and Director of Social Media Marketing. She trained very quickly and rapidly adapted to the roles and responsibilities required of both positions. She rapidly made substantial process improvements utilizing her technical and web developer skillset, greatly reducing the time and effort required to perform the weekly functions of the Vice President of Internal Affairs. This process improvement has allowed much greater efficiency and now the minutes are saved and shared several days earlier than it was previously possible to do. In addition, she has set up a Twitter scheduler, allowing for meaningful stories and fraternity news to be shared throughout the day, without needing to get on Twitter frequently to do so.

I would highly recommend Sierra based on this for any web or administrative role as she has proven exceptionally capable of not only performing her duties, but improving the process and efficiency in which they are done.

Luke Hayden, Amazon

Sierra is one of the most delightful and consistently hard working people I have ever had the honor to work with. Her ability to finish tasks at breakneck speed is impressive to say the least.

Simon Barton, Apple

Where do I start? Let’s just say you want something done and done well, Sierra’s the first choice.

Between the vast array of technical skills available and creative abilities working in tandem, working with Sierra has been a joy and an inspiration both as a company-man and as a student. Whether given a task Sierra has done multiple times in the past, or something entirely different and requires dedicated research and strategic thought, Sierra has proven to be one of the most brilliant minds and hardest workers I’ve personally worked with.

Gilbert Caliber, LifePort, Inc.

If you are curious about something not specified on any of these lists, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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