QRC 10th Anniversary

In 2016, the Queer Resource Center at Portland State University celebrated its tenth anniversary as a resource for students, staff, and the community. In preparation for the event, I created this event logo as well as a marketing plan to go with it.

Each white symbol in the black bar is a different representation of ten.

  • “10” is an Arabic numeral.
  • “ten” is English.
  • “X” is a Roman numeral.
  • |||| |||| is tally marks.
  • “עֶשֶׂר” is feminine Hebrew.
  • “十” is Chinese and Japanese.
  • ” is two hands representing the unary system.
  • “दस” is Hindi.
  • “Ιʹ” is a Greek numeral.
  • 𓎆” is an Egyptian numeral.
  • ” (roughly approximated) is American Sign Language.

Much like every symbol within the large Q represents different communities and identities within the larger queer community, so too does each symbol for ten represent different communities and the languages spoken by each.

QRC 10th Anniversary: Color

The logo in full color for most situations where it would be used.

QRC 10th Anniversary: Black and White

The logo in high-contrast black and white for situations where color is unavailable or inappropriate.

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