Why Stress?

Imagine—if you will—that you are a superhero. You have one power: the ability to transmit a message into the minds of whomever (and however many people) you want, at any time, and from any distance. You’re not controlling them, but rather placing a thought for them to do with what they will. However, you can only do this once before leaving the planet to recharge. What message do you send?

My message is, “Why stress?” I aimed my message at students specifically (though this can definitely be applicable to anyone!), and decided to broadcast my message in the form of flyers hung around the main buildings of Portland State University.

Obviously if you’re going through a real emergency or crisis, stress is a valid and important response. However, that math test isn’t going to matter by the end of the year. It’s important now, but it’s not worth the aggravation or potential health risks. Why stress?

Why Stress?

This is the flyer I hung around campus. It’s in infographic form to echo classwork, a person’s though process, and the Internet culture at large. The disclaimer at the bottom is there to acknowledge why stress exists in the first place but also to gently encourage the viewer.

Why Stress?: Proof

To provide documentation of my hanging, I made a quick GIF showing all the boards I pinned my flyers to.

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