Rebranding Bronner

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is known primarily for two things: being amazing soap and having beautifully TERRIBLE labels. Dr. Bronner himself was an immigrant whose grasp of English wasn’t perfect, yet he still gave frequent passionate speeches in public about world peace, unity, and religion. At his speeches, he often had free samples of soap that he had made, but people were more often than not simply taking the soap and leaving before they could hear his whole speech. His solution? Print the ENTIRE speech on every bottle so that nobody could miss a single word.

The task in this assignment was to imagine a redesign for the label, with one major caveat—I had to use ALL the text and logos in the original label. I could rearrange a few key elements, but the goal was to work with large bodies of text where the content absolutely could not be altered. For more information, check out the Typography Challenge!

Rebranding Bronner

This is my final redesign of the original Dr. Bronner soap bottle label. The most obvious change is the reversal of the blue and white. This allows the very tiny text to withstand the possibility of ink bleed and retain as much legibility as possible. Granted, you still can’t really read the text unless it’s printed at full size, so shrinking this for the web removes that aspect.

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