Being Weird is Normal

In Depression-era America, artists across the nation were commissioned as part of a public art project to instill morale in the citizens and to hopefully maintain art’s necessity in society. What resulted were hundreds of thousands of posters and other works. Known as WPA posters (named after the Works Progress Administration), these were a huge success and although many have been lost to time due to improper cataloging (or no cataloging at all), what has been recovered is being hailed as some of the most recognized and classic art in recent history.

However, what if the public art project was still ongoing? This is my contribution-cum-spiritual-successor to the WPA poster project.

Being Weird is Normal

I wanted to emphasize two related but distinct points with my poster. The first point, “being WEIRD is normal,” means that it’s okay to flaunt what makes you unique. The second point, “being weird is NORMAL,” means that we should celebrate diversity and difference, since no two people are alike.

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